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Conspicuous Consumption Back In Style

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Showing off what you’ve bought is back in vogue. Teenage girls are leading the growing trend with “haul videos” or “hauls.”

Here’s how it works. A teen goes on a shopping spree, brings her loot home, and then records herself  talking in detail about each of her purchases.  She uploads her video to YouTube, and asks her channel subscribers for comments.

Currently there are over 180,000 haul videos posted on YouTube. The majority cover clothes and beauty products. The most popular ones have gotten over one million hits each.  A handful of girls have made their names based on the videos, and now have Hollywood agents.

Cutting edge marketers are testing haul videos as part of their social media marketing strategy. There’s nothing like a teenage girl gushing about her new purchases to get other teens to go buy the same items at the same retailers.

There are still lots of questions about haul videos. Once retailers and manufacturers get involved, will subscribers question their authenticity, and stop following their advice? Will anyone beside teenage girls watch haul videos? (Can you imagine men videoing the results of their trips to Home Depot?!)  Most importantly, will society embrace a return to free spending and overt materialism?