What Marketers Need to Know about Reddit

What is it?

Reddit describes itself as an online community where people vote on content to identify what is new and popular on the web. Other people call it a “social news platform.”

How does it work?

Members, called redditors, add links to content, then the community comments and votes on them. The most popular stories rise to the top of their category (called a Subreddit) and ultimately to the front page of Reddit.

How popular is it?

Reddit receives over 50 million unique visitors and 3 billion page views per month. It is moving up the website rankings in the US and is particularly strong in the Bay Area.

Who uses the site?

Reddit attracts a somewhat hard to target demographic. The details vary a little depending on the source, but everyone agrees Reddit users are mostly 18-34 years old, well educated, and more likely to be male.

Why should I care?

Cutting edge marketers see potential for leveraging Reddit to build brand loyalty. They are delivering customer service, building relationships by posting compelling content, and joining consumers’ discussions. Reddit also offers the option to create sponsored links.

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