“What’s a Television, Mommy?”

Kids 20 years from now may be asking that question if current trends continue.

According to Pew Research, the percentage of consumers who say a TV set is a necessity is in a dizzying dive. 64% of consumers said it was in 2006. This year, only 42% agree.

18 to 29 year olds have even more pronounced views. Only 29% say they couldn’t live without their TV, and a mere 11% say they must have cable. Those numbers contrast with 53% of the same group that says a computer is a necessity, and 33% who say high speed access is a must.

To understand just how unattached this age group is to the television, consider this. More 18-29 year olds (46%) view a landline phone as a necessity than a TV. That’s something, given how wedded this generation is to their cell phones.

Marketers are already moving away from TV advertising. These statistics make it clear just how fast that change should occur, especially for products targeting 19-29 year olds. What do you think? Will the TV set become a relic like the slide projector?

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